Director: Dr. Stefano Ciaffoni
Tel.: +39 045 6013288

Secretary: Tel.: +39 045 6013286 (from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm) – Fax: +39 045 6013603

Secretary, Clinics and Blood Collection Centre: ground floor of Sacro Cuore Hospital: entry E.
Laboratory of Chemical-Clinical and Microbiological Analyses: entry F.


The Service of the Clinical and Microbiological Chemistry Lab applies the quality management system certified within the scope of the Management System of the Classified Sacro Cuore Don Calabria di Negrar (VR) Hospital.

The Laboratory occupies the ground floor in the right wing of Sacro Cuore Hospital. The diagnostic activities are distinguished into the following investigation sectors: Immuno-transfusion, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Electrophoresis and Study of Proteins, Serology, Immunometry, Chemical Analysis of biological Liquids, Molecular Biology, and Microbiology.

The routine and urgent analyses are guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through continuous rotation of the technical staff and through a Medical availability shift from 4.00 pm to 8.00 am on weekdays. On Sundays and public holidays, Medical availability extends to 24 hours.

The outside patients approach for sample-taking the clinics situated in entry E of Sacro Cuore Hospital. The patients undergoing oral anticoagulant therapy (OAT) have first right of acceptance and execution of sample-taking, and then collect the report along with the therapeutic regimen to adopt and the booking for the next check-up from the secretary or from the clinics themselves.

The Centre is affiliated to and certified by FCSA (Federation of Anticoagulant Supervision Centres) as Centre no. 353.

The diagnostic procedures are certified, and the analytical methodologies are applied on the basis of the current scientific know-how via technological aids certified in accordance with the national and international legislation in force.


Hours of admission

Monday to Friday, from 7.00 am to 8.30 am

• The patient must be equipped with a GP referral or some other medical prescription on letterheads, health card and tax code, must pick up the booking number, and must pay the health ticket prescribed by law or possibly draw up a self-certification to be exempted from the participatory contribution to the health care cost along with consent to the processing of personal data.

• The access is direct and requires no prior booking.

• The sample-taking is carried out on the same day as the admission.

• When calling patients into the clinic, the sequential numbering of arrivals will be adhered to except for envisaged priority cases.

• the outside Users arriving at the counter without GP referral and without any other medical prescription cannot be admitted to sample-taking. The GP referrals must conform to the legislation in force, failing which they will be returned to the referring Doctor.

As regards taking some specific microbiological samples, access will be as follows:

1. vaginal, rectal, urethral swabs: Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 9.30 am to 10.30 am

2. mycological samples: Tuesday from 9.30 am to 10.30 am.

N.B.: Only with regard to the examination of the Seminal Liquid (spermogram), it is necessary to make a booking with the Centre for “Couple fertility” by calling at +39 045 6013233 on Mondays – Wednesdays- Thursdays – Fridays


The reports might be collected in paper form:

– Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and Saturday from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm (only for patients who have fully attended to payment of the health ticket), at the reception of Don Calabria Hospital, upon handing the green collection slip.

– Or at the behest of the interested party, upon payment of € 1.00 (One Euro/00) as postal contribution, the examination results might be sent to the home address indicated by the patient through the post.

In addition, the reports might even be collected in electronic form (on the Internet) by making use of the apposite procedure set out on the green collection slip, via the utilization of an electronic device (TOTEM) which is present at the reception of Don Calabria Hospital, again by making use of the procedure set out on the green collection slip.

The reports pertaining to the monitoring of the anticoagulant therapy might be picked up from the Lab secretary before 1.00 pm, alternatively, pursuant to prior written authorization by the User, they might be forwarded electronically (by fax or e-mail) to the address set out in an apposite form