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Office hours:
Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm
Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm
Telephone: +39 045 6013415
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The fundamental aim of the Anatomical Pathology Unit is to provide accurate, prompt and clinically significant reports based on the observation of preparations done in accordance with the best technical procedures.
The Anatomical Pathology Service aims at securing the final User’s full satisfaction.
Within the scope of the Diagnostic Program of Sacro Cuore – Don Calabria Hospital, the Anatomical Pathology Service is certified as conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001 regulation. The Certifying Body is Bureau Veritas Certification SpA.


The Anatomical and Histological Pathology Unit is headed since 2000 by Prof. Giuseppe Zamboni, Associate Professor at Verona University.
Beginning with 2002, a convention operates with the School of Specialization in Anatomical Pathology of Verona’s Medicine and Surgery University, which envisages attendance by doctors studying to become specialists, on a rotation basis, for a period of 4 months.
The Anatomical and Histological Pathology unit carries out histological and cytological examinations on material taken from patients in the course of endoscopic examinations, clinical surgery and surgical operations; it carries out, moreover, a cytological examination on exfoliated cells (urinary cytology, spills and expectorations), on cervical-vaginal material (Pap-test with the possibility of viral typing), and on fine needle aspiration material coming from superficial organs (thyroid, breast, palpable masses) or deep ones (liver, pancreas, etc.).
The close collaboration with the radiological, endocrinological and bronchoscopist colleagues in conducting fine needle aspiration examinations under ultrasound or CT guidance makes it possible to optimize the effectiveness of the examination and reduce the number of inadequate diagnoses due to scarcity of material.
The intraoperative diagnostic activity of the Anatomical Pathology Service is carried out in a dedicated Hall inside the Surgery Block, thereby ensuring a direct contact between Pathologist and Surgeon, which is extremely important not only to ensure the shortest reporting time possible, but especially in order to better respond to the complex clinical situations which might condition and orientate the continuation of the surgical operation.
As diagnostic support, the Service is additionally equipped with:
A section for the histochemical and special colorations, which among other things enable the identification of micro-organisms (such as mycobacteria, Helicobacter Pylori, and fungi).
A section for the immunohistochemical colorations, which identify the presence of viruses such as Cytomegalovirus, Herpes and Papilloma.
A section for the immunophenotypic characterization of the different neoplasms:
– assessment, based on both fine needle aspiration and histological sample, of the structure of hormonal receptors structure (Estrogen and Progesterone) and the growth factor receptor (HER2) in the breast carcinoma.
– assessment of the cellular proliferation index.
– molecular characterization of the Epstein-Barr and Papilloma viruses through the hybridization method in situ (CISH: Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization).
– molecular characterization of the HER2 gene through the hybridization method in situ (SISH: Silver In Situ Hybridization).
– molecular genotyping of the Papilloma virus, both upon pap test and biopsy, and molecular characterization of the structure of the EGFR, RAS and B-RAF genes through the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) method and pyrosequencing.


The Operating Unit is affiliated with Verona University’s Anatomical and Histological Pathology Institute, headed by Prof. Marco Chilosi, as regards the histopathological consultations on conducting investigations of both molecular biology and flow cytometry.


The Oncological Department, born in the spring of 2001, has the function of coordinating the activity of several Operating Units involved in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the oncological patient.
Weekly meetings are held, where a collegial discussion of clinical cases takes place in order to establish a correct diagnostic-therapeutic program.
The meetings make use of a secretary from the Oncological Department, whose task is to organize and place at the disposal on the Intranet site the material which is useful for a discussion of the cases (clinical news, files, X-ray and pathological documentation).
The anatomical-clinical discussion groups encompass the breast, gynaecological, urological, head-neck-lung, digestive and bilious-pancreatic pathologies.


The Anatomical Pathology Service has organized Refresher Courses Accredited by the Ministry of Health (Continuing Medical Education: ECM) (both for pathologists and for Anatomical Pathology technicians), as well as Congresses hosting national and international lecturers.


The Anatomical Pathology Unit is located inside a separate building which is situated between Sacro Cuore Hospital and Don Calabria Hospital. It is accessed through the entry to Don Calabria Hospital, halfway through Viale Rizzardi.
The structure is subdivided into areas based on the type of activity undertaken:
Secretary’s Office and Laboratory: first floor
Head Physician / Doctors Study – Meeting room / library: second floor
Archive and Warehouse: ground floor
There is also an Anatomical Pathology lab in the theatre complex so as to carry out intraoperative examinations.
The guidelines in force in our unit originate from and are conform to those indicated by the reference Bodies and Scientific Associations, both national and international.
In particular, the following indications are given effect to:
– Susan C. Lester: MANUAL OF SURGICAL PATHOLOGY (Second Edition – 2006)- Ed. Elsevier Churchill Livingstone
– WHO: World Health Organization Classification of Tumors: Pathology & Genetics (Monothematic series)
– AFIP: Atlas of Tumor Pathology (Monothematic series) – Third Series; Armed Forces Institute of Pathology; Washington, D.C. – SIAPEC (Italian Society of Anatomical and Cytological Pathology