The Centre for the study of couple fertility at Sacro Cuore – Don Calabria di Negrar Hospital is a top level centre operating in conformity with Law 40/2004 currently in force, which regulates medically assisted procreation (MAP). It upholds therefore the philosophy of gradualness, according to which a couple can access assisted procreation after a diagnosis has been formulated and therapeutic measures aimed at securing a natural conception have been adopted. Faced with an unassailable impossibility to achieve the goal through that route, the couple is offered a medically assisted procreation (MAP) based on a time frame which pays heed to the woman’s age.

Sacro Cuore – Don Calabria Hospital provides its care service by placing its action within a precise ethical framework inspired by the Christian conception of reality and man. This structure, as spelled out by its Statute, “is a religious reality […] taking its inspiration from evangelical principles of love and service to suffering brothers” (art. 1) and “is a work of the catholic Church, whose moral directives it follows” (art. 2).

It is within this framework of values that one can also discern the medical action carried out in our Centre, which is why, among the procedures to diagnose and treat sterility, all those compatible with the values enunciated above are placed at the disposal.

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