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The Oncological Radiotherapy is situated on the 1st floor of Sacro Cuore Hospital, new wing, entry G, in Via Don Sempreboni 5, Negrar (VR)



– tel.: +39 045 601 4800, Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 12.00 pm
– fax: +39 045 601 4801
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The Oncological Radiotherapy Unit of Sacro Cuore Hospital is a complex section, headed by Dr. Filippo Alongi.

Oncological Radiotherapy offers the patient a complete approach to malignant diseases through a diagnostic overview (cancer staging), consultations and caring for patients with oncological clinical problems, concerning which an exclusively radiation therapy or one combined with surgery or supplemented by anti-cancer pharmacological treatments is indicated. The complex operative unit of Oncological Radiotherapy performs Radiotherapy services among the most advanced ones worldwide, thanks to the availability of the most modern last generation Radiotherapy equipment:

– TrueBeam™ Varian, v. 2.0 Perfect Pitchtruebeam

– Trilogy™ Varian

– Trilogy™ Varian configured with Exac trac Brain lab

The unit is additionally equipped with a brand new TC AS-Open 20 (Siemens®) dedicated to centering/stimulation based on the method of controlling motion by breathing, so as to precisely define the targeted treatment volume.

Negrar’s Oncological Radiotherapy is likewise equipped with a mobile accelerator for intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) dedicated to the treatment of breast and abdomen cancers in a single session during the surgery operation.



At Sacro Cuore’s Oncological Radiotherapy, the following services are rendered:

– diagnostic consultations and preparatory consultations on radiation therapy (first consultations)

– consultations during radiotherapy

– post-treatment follow up consultations

– specialist radiotherapy consultations

– clinic sessions of external radiotherapy for all the neoplastic forms concerning which a radiation treatment is indicated.

Sacro Cuore Hospital’s Oncological Radiotherapy carries out intensity modulated and volumetric modulated arc therapies (IMRT and VMAT techniques respectively), and precision radiotherapy in a few fractions and in ablative doses (SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) technique). Every session is painless and lasts a few seconds, thanks to the innovative and precise RAPIDARC © technique (in FFF mode as well).

The patient is sent to the structure by his own GP or by a specialist, or he automatically requests a consultation or a second opinion. The radiation treatment is provided at the outpatient clinic, and depending on the location and stage of the disease, it might be carried out:

– in a single session (Radiosurgery),

– in a few sessions (Hypo fractionation/ precision or stereotactic radiotherapy)

– as part of a few weeks’ treatment (treatment with conventional fractionation).



The technological advancement and scientific expertise of the staff make it possible to implement innovative and advanced protocols which are only present in selected structures:

– Stereotactic body radiation therapy of the Prostate in 5 sessions (compared to the 35-40 sessions of the conventional treatment) for patients at average or intermediate risk.

– Hypofractionated radiation therapy for the breast in 15 sessions (compared to the 25-30 sessions of the conventional treatment).

– Stereotactic ablative lung radiotherapy in 3-8 sessions for primitive tumours at an early stage and in oligometastatic patients.

– Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for abdominal and pelvic lesions in 3-6 sessions (inoperable pancreas cancer, liver metastases, lymph nodes, etc)



Sacro Cuore’s Oncological Radiotherapy hosts, for attendance purposes or on a subsidized basis, doctors training as specialists who come from different Specialization Schools, including extra-regional ones, such as Turin University and Palermo University, for the sake of “tutoring” and educational activity.

Several clinical research studies are underway at the unit:

– schemes to reduce the number of sessions for the carcinoma of the prostate and the breast (hypofractionation)

– innovative techniques, such as Radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy, ablative, encephalic and corporeal.

– techniques of diagnostic integration to define the treatment plan (PET(Positron Emission Tomography)/CT with FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) and choline, pelvic MRI and head neck)

– precision and minimization of collateral effects (RapidArc© Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy /Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy [MRT/VMAT])

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1) “TrueBeam” Varian (V.2 perfect Pitch), a high energy linear accelerator dedicated to Stereotactic body radiation therapies (SBRT) and to radiosurgical treatments of the brain in a single session (SRS: Stereotactic Radiosurgery).

– TrueBeam is capable of safely supplying “ablative” doses, i.e. highly tumoricidal doses, to small cancerous volumes (up to a few centimetres in diameter) located in different bodily areas, such as prostate, lung, brain, pancreas, liver and lymph nodes. The patients are suitably selected by recourse to specific selection criteria based on the indication validated for the technique and/or contained in study protocols.

– The volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) with TrueBeam can be provided with special radiation bands (FFF) which reduce the duration of every session (1-3 minutes), thereby reducing the treatment time and the uncertainties associated with the patient’s movement during the supply of the dose.

– A robotic touch with 6 degrees of movement (among the first of their kind in Italy with the TrueBeam) additionally follows the shifts made by the target to be hit, so that it might always be irradiated with maximum precision.

– It is possible to produce, before, during and after the session, some high quality images (IGRT: Image Guided Radiation Therapy with Cone Beam CT and/or Exac Trac) so as to control the precision of the treatment.

– The True Beam supplied to Sacro Cuore di Negrar Hospital is employed clinically for the sake of a substantial reduction of the treatment sessions (extreme hypofractionation).


2) “Trilogy” Varian. In the complex operating unit of Oncological Radiotherapy at Sacro Cuore di Negrar Hospital, there are, in addition to the Truebeam, two new linear high energy accelerators dedicated to conformed treatments and to intensity modulated and volumetric modulated arc therapies (IMRT-VMAT) of the head and neck, chest (lung and breast) and pelvic (gynaeco-urological neoplasms) regions.


– It is possible to produce, before, during and after the session, some high quality images (IGRT with Cone Beam CT and/or Exac Trac) so as to control the precision of the treatment.

– The modulated intensity and image guided therapies (IMRT/VMAT & IGRT) make it possible to reduce the involvement of the healthy organs close to the cancerous volume to be irradiated, thereby minimizing, in various cases, the potential risk of collateral effects.

– In the aforesaid instances, the two Trilogy items are also employed for the sake of a moderate reduction of the treatment sessions (moderate hypofractionation) as well as in those treatments in which different doses are irradiated onto different volumes within the same sessions (“Simultaneous Integrated Boost” or SIB technique).

Scientific publications and bibliographic references on the subject:



– Study of phase II, promoted by Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital titled “Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in 5 sessions for prostatic cancer”, approved by the Ethics Committee for Clinical Experiments at the Verona and Rovigo Provinces.

Principal investigator: Dr. Filippo Alongi

The study envisages the enrolment of patients with organ-confined, low-to-intermediate risk prostate cancer.
The treatment is carried out in 5 sessions of 2 minutes each with TrueBeam equipment, which ensures extreme precision in protecting the healthy organs surrounding the prostate, with the aim of guaranteeing the treatment of cancer in a non-invasive manner with no or limited collateral effects, compared to the traditional treatment which necessitates instead a duration of several weeks.
Dr. Alongi has already conducted studies on the subject, and is the author of the preliminary clinical protocol on prostate cancer irradiated with TrueBeam (FFF) in 5 sessions. The results of the experiment have been published on the Radiation Oncology magazine in 2013.
Click here to see the published results: