The MFR-LD department, ISO 9001-2000 certified, is located on the third floor of the Don Calabria Hospital of Negrar which accommodates the Hospital Branch of the Rehabilitation Department which includes, as well as our department, the Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Service (first floor) and the OU (Operative Unit) of Intensive Rehabilitation (UGC and US – second floor).

As part of the Department of Rehabilitation, there are also two extra-hospital components: RSA of Casa Nogarè, located opposite Don Calabria and the Adult Rehabilitation Service of the Don Calabria Multifunctional Centre in Via San Marco, Verona.

The rehabilitation of patients is linked to the coordinated work of the OU of MFR-LD and the MFR Service.

Our Operative Unit includes both the second level structure (RF cod. 56) and the first level one (Long-stay cod 60).

Second level (MFR) rehabilitation provides activities of intensive rehabilitation for patients affected by significant disabilities that may be modified and which derive from recent acute pathologies (mainly neurological or orthopaedic in type).

First level rehabilitation (long-stay rehabilitation) offers treatment, clinical stabilisation and maintenance thereof, prevention of secondary complications, reduction in disabilities following recent flare-ups of illnesses favouring the maximum possible functional recovery allowed in order to ensure the patient’s return home or to residential units (RSA or nursing home).


The department has 47 beds, divided as follows:

– 4 single rooms (for boarders)

– 10 double rooms

– 1 tripe room

– 5 quadruple room

All the rooms are equipped with bathroom and television.

The ward also has two assisted bathrooms.

Television timetables are devised to be compatible with the regulations respecting rest times and in the personal interest of patients.

Outside of the timetables regarding individual rooms, a television is available in the living room.

There are some common areas, a gym for orthopaedic patients, and a living room.

There are also areas reserved for the medical and paramedic staff (nursing clinic, doctors’ offices).


Access to the rooms is limited to no more than two visitors per patient during the established visiting hours.

In order to guarantee good organisation and to ensure the privacy of other in-patients, visitors must only access the areas indicated during the times permitted. In the event of special circumstances, the doctor and charge nurse may authorise – for rehabilitation purposes – permission to enter outside of visiting times.


– Outside of the medical examination times from 9:30am to 10:30am and in the afternoon from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

– Every day, from 11:00am to 1:00pm and from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

– Outside of visiting hours, visitors may access the living room or the waiting room.



Rehabilitation, in its global sense, starts with taking care of oneself. For personal hygiene and care, we recommend patients bring their own clothes and toiletries, which are more pleasurable than those provided by the hospital.

In this process, a primary role is played by our Social Health Workers who, according to the rehabilitation project established, will involve family members in learning about the care and transfer of their loved one.

Below is a list of useful items for hospital stay:

Clothes (short-sleeved cotton T-shirts, tracksuit, trainers, short cotton socks)


In the rooms, we ask you to use headphones when listening to the radio.

Where compatible with medical/rehabilitation obligations, those who are able to move autonomously and safely, may leave their room and spend time in the living room, or walk outside in the gardens below the building or in the Casa Nogarè bar.