Offering orthopaedic examination, with an adjacent centre for rehabilitation and traumatological physiotherapeutic treatment with orthopaedic speciality

The orthopaedic rehabilitation service carries out its activities from Monday to Friday, continually from 7:00am to 6:30pm. Working closely with the Sports Medicine and the Orthopaedics department of the Sacro Cuore Hospital in Negrar, the unit provides services for aiding the recovery from all traumatic, chronic, degenerative and post-operatory pathologies, in addition to treating problems arising from a multitude of sports.

The availability of a didactic bath and semi-Olympic swimming pool further completes our rehabilitative offering.

We also have a doctor specialised in motor sciences, guaranteeing the possibility of developing athletic reconditioning in accordance with typical sporting dynamics.

Below, is a list of the services available:

  • complex individual rehabilitative therapy
  • simple individual rehabilitative therapy
  • individual postural rehabilitation
  • manual and myofascial therapies
  • water rehabilitation
  • manual lymphatic drainage
  • proprioceptive and muscular strengthening training
  • functional bandaging

For rachis pathologies, we also offer specific treatments such as the Mc Kenzie method, and individual postural rehabilitation for morphological ailments of the evolutionary age.

Our therapeutic offering is completed by state-of-the-art apparatus for physical therapy, for example:

  • tecartherapy
  • hyperthermia
  • ultrasounds
  • magnetotherapy
  • district electrostimulation
  • analgesic electrotherapy (tens, interferential, diadynamical etc.)
  • laser-therapy (the centre has been recognised as specialising in “hiltherapy”, a state-of-the-art laser treatment)
  • ionophoresis

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