The Ophthalmology Operative Unit of the Sacro Cuore-Don Calabria classified Hospital is run by Dr Grazia Pertile.
It has 12 beds, 7 Day Hospital chairs and an operating theatre situated in the new multi-specialist operation block equipped with state of the art equipment for surgery on the front and back segment of the eye.

The ophthalmology service includes 9 clinics, Fluoragioraphy and Angiography with Indocyanine Gree, Automated Perimetry, Eye Scans, Pachymetry, Optic Coherence Tomography (OCT3 Stratus), Argon Laser, Diode Laser, Yag Laser, Photodynamic Therapy, Corneal Topography, Endotelial Microscopy, Orthoptics Service, Hypovision Service, Medication Room.
Since December 2004, the Ophthalmology Operative Unit has held UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.



• Switchboard: +39 045.601.31.11
• Ophthalmology Service Secretary’s Office: +39 045.601.38.58
From Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm; Saturday from 8am to 12pm

• Ophthalmology Department Secretary’s Office: +39 045.601.3587
• Ophthalmology Service fax: +39 045.601.30.26
• CASE HISTORY REQUESTS +39 045.601.34.01

From Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12pm



Admission to the department is via planned operation or urgent admission through the first aid clinic.

In the first case, the patient – having undergone an outpatient’s clinic evaluation – is added to a computerised waiting list which respects the criteria of clinical priority. When it is his turn, the patient will be contacted by telephone to organise the admission date.

Admission through the first aid station occurs in cases of ophthalmological urgencies which require fast intervention. Please remember that, in the event of emergency, you must access the department through the general first aid station at the entrance of the hospital; from here, the staff will send the patient to their colleagues in the ophthalmology service.

Surgery is carried out both in conjunction with the national health service as well as privately in the national health hospital.



The ophthalmologist proposing surgery will inform the patient about the risks and potential benefits of the surgery in question.

The patient will then be asked to read the “informed consensus” form regarding his illness and the possible complications arising from the operation.

By signing this document, the patient will authorise his

By signing this document, the patient will authorise his acceptance of the operation.

The Ophthalmology operative unit refers to the informed consensus proposed by the Italian Ophthalmology Society (SOI) which can be consulted and downloaded from the association’s website (“informed consensus” section).



Telephone bookings on +39 045.601.38.58.
From Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm; Saturday from 8am to 12pm.

Bookings at the desk (office entrance D):
– from Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 6:30pm (non-stop timetable);
– Friday from 8:30am to 4pm (non-stop timetable);
– Saturday from 8am to 12pm.


How to book an appointment with Dr Pertile

Dr Pertile, Head Physician of the Ophthalmology Service, is one of the most acclaimed specialists in treating particularly serious or complex retina pathologies. Her excellent reputation attracts more patients than she can personally take on, despite the wide availability of time she reserves for clinical activities.

In order to give priority to those most in need, Dr Pertile, therefore, has to select her patients based on subjective clinical criteria.

For this reason, she will consider only consultations that are requested directly via the patient’s oculist and only for pathologies of the retina.

To book an initial appointment with the head physician, the patient must send by fax (+39 045 6013026) the request for the consultation completed by the oculist, including the relevant information of the clinical situation, together with the following information:
– photocopy of identification
– national insurance number
– telephone number

This means that an appointment can be arranged based on how urgent the pathology in course is. The Ophthalmology Service secretary’s office will contact the patient to set up the appointment.
However, this does not mean that patients with less severe or complex pathologies cannot arrange an appointment with the head physician.

By booking an appointment with one of the other doctors of the Negrar team, the patient is safe in the knowledge that, should the need arise, his case will also be evaluated by Dr Pertile during the appointment as part of the Service.



Documents necessary for services with the National Health Service (SSN):
• Health Service Card
• National Insurance Code
• Prescription by your GP (if required)

Access to the services must occur via one of the following:


1) Ticket office

• Located on the ground floor, entrance F of the Sacro Cuore Hospital.
• You must take a ticket from the dispenser located in the corridor in front of the office and wait your turn.
• Here your prescription will be accepted and you can also pay for the ticket.


2) Admission through the ophthalmology service

• Located on the 3rd floor of the same building.
• You must take a ticket from the dispenser located at the entrance of waiting room A, next to the reception. Wait in the waiting room A where there is a screen displaying the numbers; when it is your turn the nurse will call you.

• If you have booked an ophthalmology appointment, the nurse will carry out two quick preliminary tests (autorefractometer and pneumotonometer) as required by the doctor.

• You will also be shown where to wait your appointment.


3) Instrumental examinations

In our Service, we carry out, as well as appointments, outpatient instrumental examinations: visual field, bulbar scan, corneal map, pachymetry, endothelial cell count, fluorangiography, OCT.
Some of the above require you to follow strict instructions:
– Fluorangiography: the patient must not have eaten for at least six hours, he must be accompanied and bring with him all previous examinations; (execution time is around two-three hours).
– OCT: bring all previous examinations; (execution time is around one hour).
– Corneal map: if the patient usually wears contact lenses, he must remember not to use them for at least 15 days prior to the examination if they are semi-hard lenses, and seven days prior to the examination if they are soft lenses (execution time is around thirty minutes).


4) Booking check-ups, diagnostic examinations, laser treatment

• These may be booked at the reception desk of the Ophthalmology Service (see point 2), after taking a number.
• You can also book over the phone on +39 045-6013858 from 8pm to 4pm from Monday to Friday and from 8am to 12pm on Saturday.



Should you book a private service, you must follow the same procedure.

You can pay at the ticket office for your service without prescription.
The following services can be carried out privately:
• Ophthalmology examination
• Fluorangiography
• Corneal topography
• Bulbar scan
• Computerised visual fields
• Orthotics examination

In the event of ophthalmological problems that require urgent ophthalmology evaluation, you must first go to the general first aid station located at the entrance of the hospital; from here, the first aid staff will send the patient to their colleagues in the ophthalmology service.


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