Surgery is carried out on all parts of the body.

Face and eye area surgery:

– Correction of facial malformations (cleft palate/lip, facial asymmetry, ear malformations).

– Blepharocalasy, ectropion, entropion, esophthalmus, eyelid heptose.

– Rhinoplasty, surgery of the functions of the nose and post-trauma surgery.

– Operations linked to paralysis of the facial nerve.


Breast surgery:

– Breast reconstruction (post-oncological or due to malformation).

– Breast reduction and functional and/or therapeutic breast lifting.

– Gynaecomasty treatment


Hand surgery:

– Carpal tunnel, tenosynovitis, carpal and tendon cysts, Dupuytren’s disease.

– Treatment of trauma of the hand and fingers


Body surgery:

– Body modelling operations following bariatric surgery.

– Systematic or localised liposuction in preparation for surgery.

– Treatment of bed sores and trophic ulcers, post-traumatic substance loss and fistulas.

– Removal of pilonidal cysts.

– Corrective surgery on scarring (retracting, disfiguring, depressed, noticeable scars, or scars that compromise functioning of the body).

– Burn scarring


Oncological surgery:

– Removal, extended removal, treatment of skin and lymph node metastases for skin carcinoma, melanoma and tumours of the soft tissue (tumours of the connective tissue, adipose tissue, muscular tissue, of the nervous system, of the vascular tissue) (… or of the muscles, vessels, nerves…)