The Emergency Department Service is available 24 hours a day for any emergencies.
Even if the patient does not need to be admitted to hospital, the Emergency Department doctor may wish to perform clinical or medical tests.
If the final diagnosis deems that the case could have been deferred in line with regional guidelines, the patient is responsible for paying the medical bill (unless exempt), as with normal outpatient services.
In the event of specialist consultancy at other services or wards, the patient must go back to the Emergency Department to close their case.


The booking times for outpatient visits or examinations may vary depending on the number of requests.
Laboratory tests do not require booking.
Before receiving care, the patient must visit the reception desk for the relevant service to carry out any administrative procedures and, if necessary, pay the bill.

The following documents are essential:

  • health card;
  • tax code;
  • prescription/GP referral from the NHS or a blank prescription from the specialist (in which case, the service must be paid in full).


For the prescription/GP referral to be valid, it must:

  • be complete in all parts and without any crossings out;
  • show any potential exemptions for diseases or disabilities by the prescribing doctor ticking the appropriate box;
  • contain services from a single specialist branch for a maximum of 8 examinations.

The law sets the maximum bill for each prescription at €36.15, unless for orthodontic services.

Patients who fall under an exemption for age/income may request a form to self-certify their situation from the desk and therefore receive exemption from paying their medical bill.



Private visits are not the responsibility of the National Health Service and are therefore paid in full at the rate set by each doctor. The relevant rate will be indicated during booking.



At the time of admission, the secretary staff will hand you a form/receipt indicating the date when your medical report can be collected. From this date on, the report will be available at the Reception area of Don Calabria Hospital, unless otherwise indicated by the Service which performed the tests.
To pick up your report, you just need the form/receipt handed to you when you were admitted for your tests. If this form has been lost or destroyed, the report can be collected by:

the owner of the report by showing a form of ID;

someone other than the owner by submitting a photocopy of the owner’s ID with the sentence “I delegate Mr/Mrs [delegate] to collect my report [Date and signature of the owner]”. The delegate must also show their form of ID.


After 30 days from the release date of the report, if it has not been collected by the patient, existing legislation states that the report must be archived and the patient is obliged to pay the full cost of the care.



If you cannot make your booked examination, you must cancel as soon as possible by calling the Service where you booked or by using the online service.

You may be subject to administrative penalties if you miss your examination without cancelling it first.



Please see the price list currently in force for outpatient care in the Veneto Region (applicable for care provided with a GP referral from the Regional Healthcare Service or at Emergency Departments).

Veneto Region Healthcare Service outpatient rates