He was born in Verona to a poor family on 8 October 1873 and was ordained in 1901. The Lord sent him some loyal disciples and inspired them to create the Congregation of the “Poor Servants of Divine Providence” formed of priests and brothers, along with its sister group for women, with the aim of living in and bringing to the world the faith in God our Father and Divine Providence, focusing first and foremost on orphans, abandoned children, outcasts, the sick and the elderly.

The Negrar hospital complex was one of his achievements, which he intended to become “the Citadel of Charity“.

After his death on 4 December 1954 in Verona, his memory has not been forgotten and even today in the Church, Father Calabria is a shining example of faith in the Heavenly Father and of love towards the most in need, in whom he saw the “living images of Jesus”. He was beatified by Holy Father John Paul II in Verona on 17 April 1988 (click here to read the Pope’s speech and canonised by the same Pontiff on 18 April 1999 in Rome.

His Congregation is still present with his same spirit in various Italian and international cities.