The Tropical Diseases Center (now Infectious-Tropical Diseases and Microbiology Department) was established near 30 years ago from a primary concern, indeed, for the tropical diseases, but over the years also the infectivological not tropical part has become increasingly important.

The main distinctive character of the Department is the research work – translatory (from laboratory to the application for patients benefits), clinical and epidemiological – focused especially on diseases that concern the poor people of the planet and today represent – in view of the migration flows and increase of travel in tropical areas – a theme of global interest.

The experience, developed initially in clinical activity field, has been consolidated also in the laboratory activity with a particular attention to the classic parasitological diagnostics microscopy-based and with the progressive integration of new diagnostic techniques. The extent of treated cases and the interest for tropical diseases particularly neglected from scientific community (Neglected Tropical Diseases) stimulated the team to deepen themes also in a perspective of research and training.

Over the years also the infectivological not tropical and virological part has become increasingly important.